Tuesday, December 7, 2010

This was probably funnier IRL.

9:44pm Perv Guy:

9:44pm Hacked Account:
oh my fucking god

9:44pm Perv Guy:
what ?? haha sorry

9:44pm Hacked Account:

9:44pm Perv Guy:
bears bahaha

9:45pm Hacked Account:
Goddamn, they're coming to get me. They've been after me for awhile and I don't know how much longer I can run from them.
The bears.
The polar bears are the worst. Beady little soulless black eyes, shining in a sea of white.
I hate it.

9:45pm Perv Guy:

9:45pm Hacked Account:
Okay .....

9:46pm Perv Guy:
haha your so funny !

9:46pm Hacked Account:
, I can't do this! Why did I have to go and piss off the Easter Bunny?

9:46pm Perv Guy:

9:47pm Hacked Account:
The Easter Bunny told Santa and now he's not gonna bring me shit. :(
But like.......
I can deal with that. I know you're gonna buy me a ton of presents so I don't need Santa. But the fucking bears.
They won't leave me alone.

9:47pm Perv Guy:
haha just stop im going to die from lol

9:47pm Hacked Account:
Dem Bears.
Fuck the damn bears.

9:48pm Perv Guy:

9:48pm Hacked Account:
Fuck the Easter Bunny and his tiny ballsack.
Why did I have to go
and point out his fucking ballsack?
and piss the fucking Easter bunny off?

9:48pm Perv Guy:

9:48pm Hacked Account:
Is that all you have to fucking say? To this whole thing, thats all you have to fucking say to me?
These bears.
They're tearing me apart.....

9:49pm Perv Guy:
bahahhahaha what the fuck are you talking about hhahaha

9:49pm Hacked Account:
You won't understand.
You can never understand. You have a normal sized ballsack and a peaceful life, free from the terror of bears.....

9:50pm Perv Guy:
LMFAO WTF!!!!!!!!!!

9:51pm Hacked Account:
Don't laugh at my life! Go look at my fucking status, I'm not playing around with this shit!
Have you ever ran a mile in the snow in only your socks because the Easter Bunny sent 4 starving polar bears at you?
I lost 4 of my toes!

9:53pm Perv Guy:

9:53pm Hacked Account:
What the fuck am I to do with 6 toes?

9:53pm Perv Guy:
uhh i dunno hahahahahahahah

You have signed off.

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