Friday, November 20, 2009

Twilight Short Story, XD

zombie girl,zombie,girl
I remember my last normal day. I was at the mall with my sister Becka, shopping for the perfect outfit for my date with Robby. I needed to look better then I normally did....after all, this was the night I planned to lose my virginity.
Oh my gosh, Robbie and I had been going out forever...I had never felt this strongly for any of the other wads I dated. Just him. I kinda sorta figured that we would part ways when he went off to college next year, but that didn't faze me. Robbie made me SO HAPPY now and all I wanted was to show him....
Becka was weirded out when I told her.
"So you realize that it prolly won't work out?"
"Yup." I nodded.
"And you're fucking him anyway?"
She seemed confused. Becka was saving herself for marriage, but she would mack with any guy that asked. She was going to the local Christian college, but came home on the weekends. We didn't always understand each other, but we had kind of a strong bond. And so I drug her to the mall with me.
We passed all the shitty teenybopper stores and went into Hollister. The music was obnoxiously loud and the air hung thick with musky spray. She seemed distracted by the picture of the model on the wall but I drug her back to the dress tops.
"WHY ARE WE IN HERE?" she said over the pumpy poprock song.
She looked at the spot above my head.
I was sorta pissed but she agreed to go and buy me a beer to make up for it. We went to some stupid bar far enough away that we wouldn't run into our teachers or anything, but close enough that Dad wouldn't get pissed at us for wasting gas. Becka knew what she was doing. She ordered something for me that was sugared down enough for me to take it. Since she was driving, she let me get really drunk on her dime (and her ID). I figured, why the fuck not? I'm a great student (except for pottery, ugh). I'm on three sports teams. I don't smoke or take drugs that wern't perscribed to me. I even got approval from Mom on my decision to lose my virginity. And my sister wouldn't let anything happen to me. So I just got drunk.
It was an idiotic decision. Becka got distracted by something shiny and wandered off. Before I knew it, I was alone at the bar. The lights were kind of bright. I didn't care for it. I felt sick-ish. I didn't have a tolerance for any alcohal, let alone the crapload I just consumed.
A tall, pale man walked into the bar and a sort of chill went over the room. He had this look on his face, like he had just been forcefed a dirty diaper...I instantly disliked this dude, but he plopped down on the barstool next to me and started talking to me. I wasn't really paying attention to anything he was saying so much as praying he would go away...I was so drunk that I didn't really notice when he put his hand on my knee, then my waist, then my neck...And I didn't really notice when the bartender slipped back for a minute and he was helping me limp somewhere....
I DID notice, however, when he had me underneath him, draped over a Volvo. He was kissing me......ugh, I hated it.
"I....stopit." I finally got out.
"I have a'....your mouth tastes like roadkillllll...."
He didn't stop. He put his hand up my shirt and felt up my C cups.....His hand was so dang cold. He pulled down my pants and stared at my shivering legs.
I started crying. "Please stop. I'm-I'm only sixteen. Please don't do this to me."
He didn't listen. He pushed me up against his car and slid in and out of me. Oh my god, even his THING was freezing cold. His didn't feel like regular skin, maybe it was just the booze but I swear it felt like stone.
I was fucking terrified. I couldn't move. "You know if you tell anyone about this..." he said. "...I...I will fucking kill you. And even if you do, no one will ever believe you." He smiled this awful smile.
He kept going for a minute or so, then he got on his knees and licked the blood off my legs...from my hymen, I guess.
"You asshole." I wanted to scream. "That was for Robby. I was going to fuck Robby and it was going to be awesome. I fucking hate you." I wanted to kick him in the face. But I couldn't. All I could do was stay still and cry, I was so scared.
He stood up again and looked me in the eyes. "I have a wife and a daughter. And I have a shitload of money. I'll never get caught. But just to make sure...."
He placed his freezing hand on my neck and bit down. I started crying even more. He was SUCKING MY BLOOD. Oh my god, it hurt so badly. It was terrible. Suddenly, he stopped. "WHY ARE YOU STILL ALIVE?" he yelled. I just cried and cried. He bit down on my neck again and sucked, then a third time. I remember giving up and accepting that I was going to die. But I didn't....
I woke up the next morning in a ditch. I looked at my arms. They were super pale and covered in my blood. I felt like I got hit by a truck. I looked around. I recognized this area, it was a couple miles away from home. I figured I already felt like crap, so if I started running now, I would be home safe feeling awesome in fifteen minutes or so. I started slow like they taught me in track practice.
When I got to the sidewalk, people acted strange towards me. They scrambled to get in the other direction. They screamed. I tried not to notice. The tears welled up in my eyes. I was so scared and confused. I just wanted to go home and hug my mom and dad and have Becka make me cookies shaped like crosses and rosaries then watch some stupid sitcom and sleep for a day and a half. Then I was going to report the bastard that did this to me.
I stumbled in the doorway and saw Becka, cooking some bacon and eggs. I ran over to hug her and tell her what had happened. But she screamed and ran upstairs. I followed her.
"Stop, what are you doing?" I tried to say. "Oh my gosh, please just tell me things will be okay!"

She yelled and pointed at me. I turned around and saw my reflection in the bathroom mirror. I looked SO TERRIBLE! Half my jaw was off and my skin was ghostly white and covered in gore. I started crying and ran out of the house.

I had nowhere to go but the woods. I stayed there for three days bawling and freaking out.

I thought about Robby and all the fun we'd had together and all the stuff we'd helped each other through. I thought about the time that I called him crying cuz I couldn't finish my math assignment and he climbed through my window at three in the morning to help me. I wondered if Robby would scream and run away from me like Becka had. It was too painful, I didn't want to find out.

I thought about my parents and how they'd always been really supportive. My mom had always told me that she was proud of me as long as I tried my best (and I lost a lot sometimes). And my dad woke up at six in the morning every Saturday for the past three years to take me to practice. I loved my parents. I didn't want them to scream and run away from me.

Lastly, I thought about my friends and how we spent most of our free time together, just talking and chilling and sharing slushies and nailpolish colors and tons of love. I wondered if they saw me, would they scream the same way they had when we watched the Texas Chainsaw Massacre last Halloween?

I slowly lost all sensation in my body except for an unpleasent sort of heat. My skin turned from the pale-ish color to a sort of green shade, like it was rotting away. I watched three of my fingers and two of my toes rot off the first day. The second day, I watched my right arm rot off. The third day, I realized that if I was going to die soon, I had to get revenge on the man who did this to me but I figured I would stay alive until my brain and my stomach failed completly. I remembered what he had told me about himself, he was rich with a wife and a child. What good was that going to do me? I didn't even know if he was telling the truth. Then I remembered something; he had a Volvo with a Forks liscense plate on it. I knew where Forks was. It was just a short run through the woods. And I had a friend that went to school there that told me about a bunch of assholes that had more money then they knew what to do with and never talked to anyone. The Clarksons or something. I ran through the woods as fast as I could and came to the highway connecting Forks and my town. The cars zoomed past, and some honked at me, obiously freaked out or something. I probably caused a traffic jam but I don't care.

I ran into a diner to get directions. The waitress broke a plate over my head and some dude at the bar took out his gun and shot me in the face but I didn't feel it. Some lady screamed, "PLEASE DON'T HURT MY BABIES!" and I laughed, but all that came out was that gay noise again. I grabbed the waitress' pen and wrote on the wall with my left hand, "WHERE IS THE MANSION".

"Oh my gosh, it means the Cullen's place! Go down the street, then the woods, and go diagnol until you get to it....."

I threw the pen back at the waitress and ran out.

I got to a sort of squarish, layered expensive looking house. The volvo was parked in the driveway and a really pale girl with auburnish hair was buckling a baby into a carseat. I yelled a bit so my prescense would be known.

"EDWARD!" she yelled, and he walked out of the garage, looking surprisingly vulnerable. He punched me, leaving a dent in my face. Then he threw me at the garage wall. I was determined to kill this bastard, and I guess my adreneline was really high. Everything seemed to be in sort of slow mo...I looked around for a weapon and saw a long, silvery phallic looking thing. I grabbed it and pushed it through his heart. It made sort of a crunchy sound, like I had pushed it through a hardened statue. It went all the way through him. There was no blood at the wound sight. THERE. He was finally dead!

The woman and the baby were crying reallly hard now. I felt horrible, but then I remembered that this man was a murdered and a rapist. I started crying too and I knew they would be better off without him.

I guess someone had called the police because a bunch of them came and started shooting at me, all at once. I stayed concious, so they put me in a maximum security jail cell. I think my heart and my stomachare starting to fail, and I'm glad. I just want to feel the cold relief of death wash over me, destroying all this stupid mortal heat.....

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Edward deserves no better. Well done.